Nitra King® All Season Lawn Fertilizer

21-2-4 with 2.0% Iron





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Provide your lawn turf quick green up and sustained nutrition with Nitra King All Season Fertilizer. Made Better with FŪSN® Fused Safe Nutrients.


Upgraded formulation combines nitrate and ammoniacal nitrogen in a way that enhances agronomic benefits with more total nitrogen for greater coverage. A versatile and highly effective turf fertilizer well suited to a variety of growing conditions and all grass types. Benefits include:

  • Added iron for a rich, deep green color without triggering excessive growth
  • Uniform application and improved turf growth from homogeneous pellet blend
  • Single bag covers approximately 10,500 sq. ft. (at 1lb of N/1000 sq. ft.)
  • Virtually eliminates the unsightly staining of sidewalks
  • Only BEST® offers fused nitrate and ammoniacal nitrogen from FŪSN®

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BEST® by Simplot manufactures and markets a wide variety of turf products including general turf fertilizers, controlled-release fertilizers, fertilizers for tees and greens and herbicide combinations. BEST has been manufacturing premium homogeneous fertilizers to meet the needs of professional landscape, sports turf and golf customers since 1932.

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Application Advantages of Homogeneous Fertilizer Blends

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FŪSN® Turf Nutrition

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